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The role of timber in transforming the concept of “daggy dongas”

posted: 22/Oct/2015

The mindset that prefabricated buildings are only “daggy dongas” is changing and timber products are playing a key role in the acceptance of entire buildings or significant parts being manufactured in advance and then installed or assembled on site .

Off-site construction techniques, including both light-frame and solid wood solutions, are continually evolving—with pre-fabrication at the forefront of the trend. Interest in pre-fabricated building products and systems is on the rise and estimates suggest the sector will gain 10% of the residential building market within five years.

The pre-fabricated building industry is strongly supported in the government commissioned plan Construction Vision 2020 with end benefits such improving housing affordability and replacing the ailing car manufacturing positioning the industry well.

Timber Queensland takes on the role of timber in "daggy dongas" and how the rise of pre-fab will impact the way architects, builders, engineers approach a job at a seminar in Brisbane on 11 November “Structural panelised timber-products: fast and cost effective ways to build.”

 Clarissa Brandt, Timber Queensland’s Communication Manager said “From the use of timber cassette flooring systems to timber panels for residential and commercial buildings and engineered wood building systems this seminar will provide insights into the different types of prefabrication, along with key considerations—such as site, cost and schedule to determine which option, if any, is right for a project.”

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