When you build you need it to last

Living in a State battered by floods, heat and wind you want assurance the building materials you choose will stand to the test of time. Queensland timber is fit for purpose – trees grown in local conditions provide timber that will provide years of faithful service.

Do it once and do it right. Buy Queensland timber for your next building project from an Accredited Queensland Timber Merchant.

Better for You

When you select timber from an accredited Queensland timber merchant you can be confident that you are buying timber that is true to label, fit for purpose and will deliver the best performance.


Better for the Environment

Did you know that carbon remains stored in the timber used in buildings and wood products? It’s far better for our local environment to have carbon stored for life in a Queensland grown timber deck, window or house than doing harm in our atmosphere. Choosing sustainable Queensland wood is doing good!


Better for Queensland

Buying locally builds the economy. Ask for Queensland timber in your next building project to keep jobs and economic value in our great State. Queensland grown and manufactured products meet our high Australian standards so you can have confidence in the quality.


Accredited Queensland Timber Merchant

Buy timber from a member of the accredited Queensland timber merchant network and you’re guaranteed to receive true to label, fit for purpose Queensland timber at a fair price. As a bonus you'll get the right advice from network staff who are fully trained on building regulations and technical aspects of timber application and use.

Find your nearest accredited Queensland timber merchant via the postcode tool and look out for businesses displaying the accredited Queensland timber merchant signage logo.

Accredited Queensland Timber Product

Only timber products that have been grown and manufactured in Queensland can display the Accredited Queensland Timber Product logo.


Queensland Timber
Sustainable Forests

Many accredited Queensland timber merchants have achieved Chain of Custody certification under the Australian Forestry Standard AS4708 (AFS) or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification schemes. Chain of custody certification provides confidence that products come from a truly sustainable resource, planted, grown and harvested in accordance with the strictest codes of practice and consistent with the world’s leading environmental standards.



About Us

The Accredited Queensland Timber Merchant Network (AQTMN) is a group of Queensland owned and operated businesses with the aim of growing Queensland's forest and timber industry.

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