Why buy Queensland timber?

Why Qld Timber

Confidence in quality

Queensland timber is true to label, fit for purpose and will deliver the best performance for our sub-tropical and tropical climate.

Why Qld Timber

Environmentally friendly

Queensland’s forestry plantations are our cities lungs and natural greenhouse gas filters.  Once harvested carbon remains stored in the timber used in buildings and wood products. Then the forests are replanted and re-grown over and over.

Why Qld Timber

Better for Queensland

Using Queensland timbers helps maintain 25 000 jobs and $3.2 billion of economic value in our great State.

Why Qld Timber

Assured performance.

Timber is an age-old product that has the ability to be improved even more with modern technology developed by Queensland family owned businesses.

Why Qld Timber

Better with age.

One of the great benefits of a natural timber floor is that it actually looks better as it ages and develops character, plus it can be re-finished and brought back to 'as new' several times throughout its life.  The iconic “Queenslander” style timber house is testament to the durability of Queensland timber.

Why Qld Timber

Cost effective.

Timber species and grades can be selected to suit your design and budget requirements.

Why Qld Timber

Fast to build.

Timber buildings can be erected and completed in a third of the time it takes to build the same structure in brick and mortar.  They are also easier, cleaner and faster to alter and extend.

Why Qld Timber

Acoustic performance.

Using careful design Queensland timber delivers excellent sound insulation properties. 

Why Qld Timber

Fire performance.

The insulating properties of Queensland timber can provide built-in fire resistance.





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The Accredited Queensland Timber Merchant Network (AQTMN) is a group of Queensland owned and operated businesses with the aim of growing Queensland's forest and timber industry.

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