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posted: 01/May/2015

Welcome!  No matter if you are a builder or architect, a DIY renovator or planning your dream new home build you’re in the right place to be informed and inspired about the use timber.

Despite the fact that timber is one of the world’s oldest building products (check out the Horyuji Complex in Japan built aroud 700 AD) it’s a material that most are continually learning to use to its best advantage.  It’s also a product that is continually evolving.  The manufacture of engineered timber products offers society renewable products that are lightweight, strong, durable and easy to assemble.  Regular readers of this blog will receive information, tips and tricks regarding the application and use of all timber products - from flooring and framing to finding out where LVL, glulam or even CLT might fit into your building project.

In Queensland our history of “timber & tin” housing has left us with a legacy of beautiful timber homes that have weathered well in our harsh climate.  Many of these homes were built from local Queensland species eg spotted gum, cypress, blackbutt and are a testament to the durability of local wood products.  We’ve got lots of local timber; with 52.5 million hectares of native forests and 233,000 hectares of plantations Queensland has the largest forested land area in the country.  Plans for this blog include plenty of information about our native hardwood and softwood species, the plantation estate and how important our local timber industry is for our environment.

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