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Species Spotlight: Narrow Leaved Red Ironbark Timber

posted: 01/Jun/2015

Narrow Leaved Red Ironbark has been a preferred structural timber for over 200 years due to its long-term performance in weather exposed applications – the perfect match for our unpredictable Queensland climate.  Commonly known as “Red Ironbark” or “Mugga Ironbark” the tree’s botanical name is Eucalyptus crebra.

Growth of Narrow Leaved Red Ironbark Timber

It is a medium to large tree that grows to 30 m in height and 0.7 m round.  In Queensland it grown from the border to Cairns, between the coast  across to the Great Dividing Range.  It can grow in a variety of soil types and is drought and frost resistant.  As a native hardwood Narrow Leaved Red Ironbark is termite and white ant resistant.

The timber the tree provides has a deep dark red to reddish brown heartwood but with a sapwood that is white to pinkish white

Uses of Narrow Leaved Red Ironbark Timber

Said by some to the hardest hardwood flooring in the world this species is in great demand for construction and decorative uses.  The timber is sought after for heavy engineering work and used for wharves, poles, bridges, sleepers and girders.  For general construction the unseasoned timber can be used for general house framing and in the dressed form for cladding, joinery and flooring.  Given it’s durability Narrow Leaved Red Ironbark is often used for outdoor applications – for decking, fencing, pergolas, landscaping and retaining walls and beautiful outdoor furniture.

Finishing Narrow Leaved Red Ironbark Timber

Narrow Leaved Red Ironbark will readily accept paint, stain and polish. Oiling the timber will enhance its magnificent rich red and brown tones.


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