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Protecting your home from bushfire

posted: 27/Oct/2015


If you are planning and designing a new home it pays to be certain of and understand the Bushfire Attack Level for your building.

The Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of a building site is determined by using Australian Standard AS3959. The BAL rating has implications for both the design of a building and the specification of materials. 

The BAL calculator developed by WoodSolutions is based on information provided in AS3959 and gives home owners, architects, building designers, developers and others a convenient way of estimating the BAL without having to manually look up tables.

The calculator gives a quick BAL rating and then shows how changing variables - such as the building location on the site - affects the BAL. The Bushfire Attack Level of any location on a building site depends on factors including the site slope, the distance from vegetation and the type of vegetation. 

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