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Species Spotlight: Queensland Spotted Gum

posted: 01/Dec/2015

Queensland Spotted Gum is a hardwood species that is often used for flooring and decking.  It's an extremely strong, durable and attractive timber.  Design professionals appreciate and often specify spotted gum for its back-sawn grain structure, attractive markings and vibrant colour palette.

Growth of Queensland Spotted Gum

Grown along the South East Coast corridor from Brisbane to Maryborough Queensland Spotted Gum is sourced from both plantation and private native forests.  It has a straight, slender trunks with smooth bark that is shed in patches, providing the tree with its characteristic spotted appearance. In ideal locations the trees can  grow to 45 m in height and 1.3 m in stem diameter

Uses of Queensland Spotted Gum

Queensland Spotted Gum is commercially successful hardwood with a well-established national and international market.  it is the the highest volume native hardwood harvested in Queensland and has been used for construction, engineering, appearance products and round timbers. The inherent strength of Spotted Gum has resulted in the species being the main choice for tool handles which are subjected to high impact forces, such as axe handles.

Finishing Queensland Spotted Gum

Queensland Spotted Gum readily accepts paint, stain and polish.  The species has a lower tannin content that many other eucalypts which is useful for those who want to avoid staining of brickwork etc.

Queensland Spotted Gum is readily available at all Queensland Timber Merchant Network members. Search for your local supplier via the Accredited Queensland Timber Merchant postcode search tool.

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